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Flash mob organized against the school reforms of Renzi government (Demotix)

Turin (Italy), 23/04/2015 –  Teachers have organized a flash mob in front of Palazzo Madama against the school reform (“Buona Scuola”) of the Renzi government.  – Demotix, 23/04/2015

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Students protest school reform at Ministry of Education in Turin (Demotix)

Turin (Italy), 12/03/2015 – Dozens of students defended public education during a march against Matteo Renzi’s national school reform lead by Education Minister Stefania Giannini. Students threw pencils at the Ministry of Education building.  – Demotix, 12/03/2015

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Students in Turin march against Renzi’s school reforms (Demotix)

Turin (Italy), 12/03/2015 – Students marched in Turin behind a banner reading “Stop Good School, a step backwards” against the proposals by the government to reform the education system which will make way for an increase in private schooling. Students … Continua a leggere

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